Universal keyboard

Kwiecień 7, 2008

The universal keyboard allows you to use your native letters as well as Latin symbols without getting rid of the symbols used to program and in other situations. Two keys have been added, for the Asian letter symbols, but they can also be used for switching to Latin keyboard quickly.

universal keyboard

The number of keys in the keyboard is constant, but I have not specified their lay-out and size. Each manufacturer will do it individually. It is important that the number of keys and their function stays the same, so that any keyboard can be used as easy to write in any language.

There are enough keys in the keyboard to contain all Latin symbols as well as these of any language (that is any language that has the alphabet), including all other key symbols which are currently used in ordinary keyboards.

The number of all keys is 115 (two rollswitch). 26 new keys have been added but there are no functions permanently assigned to them. Each language will use them for their own specific symbols required to write, program and for typographic use. Some of frequently used but difficult to input, e.g. paragraph, degree, symbol “pi” π will now have their own keys in the keyboard.

This keybord is good for tablet with virtual keyboard.

Sample of small (laptop) keyboard:

Laptop universal keyboard

Laptop universal keyboard


komentarzy 9 to “Universal keyboard”

  1. Jared Stenzel said

    Very unique concept. I think it may not be practical though. Nobody will want to change keyboards that they have been using for many years as most of us have no use for these new characters anyways.

  2. Tez jestem kontestatorką 🙂 i pisuję na roznych komputach i językach klawiatur. Przestawienie układu mózg-palce na inny język jest dla mnie kwestiąminut, lecz brakuje mi palców na kombinacje 3 klawiszy wciskanych naraz, a pracuję tworczo, co wymaga także zatrudniania nerek: wypijam dziennie kilka litrow herbaty. Pomysły przychodzą z każdym łykiem ‚twórczego napoju’: pićtrzymając naczynie lewą, a pisząc prawą reką. Niektóre skroty klawiaturowe dzialaja tylko w WORDzie, a nie sa posłuszne mojej woli w innych programach. KOSZMAR!!! Żeby zrobic lustrzany tytuł — piszę go w PAINT, przerzucam P/L i taki wklejam do dokumentu. Tutaj brakuje mi polskich ogonów. Wprawdzie i na to jest metoda, ale to źmudne minuty. We WSZYSTKICH KLAWIATURACH brakuje aż 2 polskich znaków: myslnika ” — dlugiej kreski” i spacji pospójnikowej „przylepnej”, i SO/LITERY (wdówki) „a i o u w z” zostają na koncu wiersza, co jest razacym BLEDEM RYTMICZNYM; a w programach brak narzedzi autokorekty rytmicznej. Ale sa znaki nadmiarowe „QXV” potrzebne tylko do paseword, wklejania i wycinania. Zdublowane sa cyfry. Sama próbuję to pokonać poprzez „Layout Creator”.
    W rzędzie cyfr zostana u mnie:
    Q Ź Ż E, Ś Ć B V W X =
    W drugim: A Z E R T Y U I O Ó P Ń
    W trzecim: Ą S D F G H J K L Ł M N
    Na dole: % ( ) ! ? , . —
    Oczywiscie z kombinacjami z alt, schift. Jak sie nie ma, co sie lubi… Ale Wasza propozycja jest niemal REWELACYJNA: nie uwzglednia tylko czestosci wystepowania grup liter. DUŻY PLUS.

  3. Bert said

    I don’t get it. ISO 9995 already defines the concept of multiple groups/layers, and also defines a base layout capable of expressing more than 40 European languages. (That layout is known as „US/International” in Windows, and you can access its nonprinted characters through the AltGr key, for „alternative group”.) Additional languages can be added to this standard keyboard by defining new layers, for example for cyrillic, japanese, and so on. That’s how normal international keyboards work.

    While I agree that it’s good to think about this kind of integration, you basically expanded the normal keyboard and called it a universal keyboard, disregarding the ISO 9995 base international layout that for all intents and purposes is the same thing, but saner. This seems like a solution in search of a problem.

  4. klawiatura said

    @Bert Yes this standard iso exist. But it is unusefull!
    Alt+L=Ł. If You write a big text You undestood.

  5. klawiatura said

    In French language You have 4 variation of „E”. Alt is to small idea. In Polish have 2 variation of „Z” etc.

  6. Anonymous said

    >24 new keys

    There are 33 letters in russian alphabet.

  7. Merissa said

    Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m
    not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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